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Without mentioning Carlos Alberto, Lula refutes the speeches about the diploma

Without mentioning Carlos Alberto, Lula refutes the speeches about the diploma

The president says that although he doesn’t have a degree, he “realizes” that no country develops without investing in education.

President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva On Tuesday (July 5, 2023), the Labor Party responded to criticism from comedian Carlos Alberto de Nobrega, who criticized the CEO for not having a graduate diploma.

when i f Alencar costume [ex-vice-presidente José de Alencar] We take office [em 2003]We did not have a university degree, but we were aware that no country develops without first investing in educationLola wrote on his Facebook profile Twitter.

Batista compared the history of education in Brazil to Argentina: “In 1918, Argentina had already implemented its first university reform and Brazil did not even have its first university. When they swear that Brazil is a backward country, know that someone wanted the country to be like this.He said.

On Monday (July 3), in an interview with living wheelfrom TV cultureCarlos Alberto de Nóbrega attributed the country’s situation to the president’s lack of formal education. He said he would question Lula about not having a diploma if he accepted the invitation to participate Podcast.

“The guy who doesn’t have high school, college, accounting, anything […] To be president? This is why the country is the way it is.”Comedy program announcer The box is ours“, from the channel SBT.

1 hour (4 minutes 19 seconds):

Despite the rhetoric, the presenter said no “Mixes business with his ideals”Plus, there’s no party. “I have friends in several parties, so I avoid talking about politics.”

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Carlos Alberto also said that in his program he ridiculed some of the measures taken by the Lula government. He cited, for example, the episode in which Planalto bought a reclining sofa for more than R$60,000, and when Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro was received by the Workers’ Party.

When I brought Lola Maduro and they laid out a red carpet for him, the same week I put it on PracaHe said.

about the former president Jair Bolsonaro (PL), the comedian commended him and said he was honored, in 2019, by the then CEO. According to him, 1 day before going to Congress, the former CEO “party hell” when you find it.