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I turned 47 years old!  See what Rose from “Titanic” looks like now

I turned 47 years old! See what Rose from “Titanic” looks like now

In 1997, it was released in theaters.TitanicA classic inspired by the sinking of the British passenger liner RMS Titanic which hit an iceberg and drowned more than 1,500 people on board.

The adaptation retained many details of the incident, but also made changes to better adapt the story. In the plot, an artist of humble origin ends up falling in love with a rich young woman during a sea voyage.

actress Kate Winslet I played the character Rose DeWitt Bukater Along with names like Leonardo DiCaprio, Billy Zane, Kathy Bates, and more.

The star was born in the UK, and he is 47 years old. He studied theater at Redroofs Theater School and appeared on television at the age of fifteen in the series Dark Season (1991). His big screen debut was in 1991, in the movie ‘Diamond James’.

Kate won a BAFTA award for her work on ‘Sense and Sensibility’. After starring as Rose in James Cameron’s movie, the star gained the limelight becoming one of the hottest movies in Hollywood.

Titanic was one of the highest grossing films in film history, grossing $2.195 billion on a budget of $200 million.

Kate Winslet has an official Instagram profile with more than 1.2 million followers. In it, she posts pictures and videos showcasing a bit of her personal life and also details about her new projects.

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