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“The struggle for education, science and technology is a struggle to find a way out for humanity,” says Edna.

“The struggle for education, science and technology is a struggle to find a way out for humanity,” says Edna.

Victor Ostiti

“The fight for education, science and technology is the fight for a way out for humanity,” said Councilor Edna Sampaio (PT) during the joint public hearing between the Legislative Assembly and the City Council, on Thursday (16).

This event was held at the request of the Chancellor, in partnership with State Rep. Ludio Cabral (PT).

The aim of the hearing was to promote the debate on the valorization of functions in the Federal Education Network and the promotion of the Federal University of Mato Grosso (UFMT) and the Federal Institute of Mato Grosso (IFMT).

Professors, students and administrative technicians also had the opportunity to express their opinions about the role of public universities and the importance of evaluating careers.

“When discussing the positions of technicians and teachers in institutions of higher education, we express the desire to strengthen the institution responsible for the production of science and technology. The struggle to obtain the positions of technicians and teachers, for the sake of the academic community, is a struggle to have a way out, an independent way out.” About our ideological position,” said Edna, saying that she fights for the vision of a strong university and a strong academic community that intervenes in the problems of our time.

“We want to develop knowledge about sustainable transportation for Cuiabá, look for solutions that do not pollute the environment, we want to discuss new technologies for the Unified Health System, and we want universities and IFMT, together with technicians, teachers and students, to participate in research and extension projects that create solutions,” he added. Environmental environment for a city facing climate challenges.

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Edna, who is also a professor at the State University of Mato Grosso (Unemat), highlighted the long history of struggles waged by workers and students to ensure the presence of the working class in these institutions and the importance of the strike movement. “It is the workers who build all the wealth, but also all the knowledge.”

“I have witnessed many moments when we occupied this plenary session and the galleries, struggling to highlight what is essential in our society: the university, a center for the production of science and technology in Brazil. The production of knowledge for human liberation is led by public institutions, the result of a great struggle throughout history.” “.

The Chancellor also reinforced her support for Lodio, a prior mayoral candidate, for better leadership of Cuiabá.

“We cannot allow our government to not have a strategy to evaluate these professionals. As long-time members of the Labor Party, we welcome the request for this public hearing because we recognize that it is our duty, both in the municipality and in the state, to stand up for these institutions that contribute so much.” In the development of our municipality, our state and our country, these institutions are not just workplaces for their employees, they play an essential role in society.

Finally, it highlighted Mandato Koletivu’s commitment to educational institutions. “We are here to say: Count on our mandate, on our activism, so that we can be proud of science, technology and professionals who cannot be the least paid, but who must be advocates of building the city we want.”

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