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Will Lula change his fleet of government cars to electric cars from BYD?

Will Lula change his fleet of government cars to electric cars from BYD?

You BYD electric cars They are successful all over the world, including in Brazil. In fact, the automaker appears to be somewhat interested in local investments.

Proof of this is that the Chinese company presented a “gift” to the President of the Republic a few days ago: one of its new electric models.

After the event, the question remains: Should Lola replace the government car fleet with BYD electric cars? We have the answer!

Photo: Propaganda/BYD

The President of the Republic now owns a BYD electric car

It has been a long time since BYD announced its intention to invest significant sums here, especially by opening a factory in BahiaWhich, by the way, is expected to start the project in 2024.

Therefore, as everyone knows, electric cars represent not only a new era of technology, but also a guarantee of greater sustainability.

That is why the federal government is somewhat interested in getting to know these cars more closely, and of course encouraging their use as much as possible through incentive programs.

With this in mind, BYD became popular PYD Tan,classification in More than 520 thousand Brazilian reals.

Photo: Propaganda/BYD

What about the government car fleet?

After meeting with BYD representatives in Brazil, a question came to the minds of local citizens: What does the government's official car fleet look like?

This is because there were rumors that Lula da Silva (PT) intended to replace the cars with electric cars from BYD. However, this will not happen.

In fact, BYD's “gift” comes in the form of a loan. That is, the car must be delivered to the manufacturer on the same day January 23, 2025two years after the formal delivery of the model to Lola.

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In fact, the car must be in the same condition as it arrived in the hands of Lula and Jania da Silva (PT), and any indication of the need for maintenance falls to the presidency.

Photo: Propaganda/BYD

What are BYD's plans in Brazil?

Although the delivery of the car caught the attention of many people, the meeting in question actually had another goal: to address the problem BYD's first factory opens outside Asia.

As mentioned, the factory will operate in Al Bahia, and more specifically, in Kamasari. The proposal is to start local production as soon as possible.

Thus, the meeting witnessed a presentation Official investment report The Chinese company in Brazil, which, in fact, intends to introduce models like those that are so popular Dolphin And the Yuan Plus.

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