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Why might a dog of the breed known as sausage be banned from entering Germany?

Why might a dog of the breed known as sausage be banned from entering Germany?

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a Dachshund Association Provide an alert Worrying For animal lovers. Dachshunds, and more Known as sausagesMaybe Forbidden From Germany if a The bill was approved.

Regulations for the project were introduced in February and are part of a new set of proposals aimed at this Redrafting the relevant legislation Animal protection.

The German Ministry of Food and Agriculture stated that the draft law It aims to combat cruel practices in animal husbandry. This also translates to “reproductive characteristics that cause pain, suffering and harm to future generations.”

The association issued a note on its official website, claiming that the project ends up listing several distinct characteristics of diseases that can even lead to Preventing the breeding of healthy dogs. “Unfortunately, many of the characteristics mentioned are ambiguous and ambiguous. this It leaves a lot of room for incorrect or exaggerated interpretations“.

The entity also reported that the new legislation could cause “significant legal uncertainty” among authorities, breeders, veterinarians and dog owners. Faced with this scenario, the association prepared a Online petition Against the law, which he already has More than 12 thousand signatures.

“The characteristics of the ‘skeletal anomalies’ included in the law can be interpreted as a prohibition on the reproduction of any significant deviation in size (…).” This term can be attributed, for example, to the long legs of dachshunds and other small dog breeds.“, highlighted the petition.

Other breeds are also threatened

The association warned against this Other dog breeds, such as beagles, terriers and schnauzers, are also threatened Through the draft law. The British newspaper published this information Telegraph.