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Maduro cuts off electricity to the Argentine embassy in Venezuela

Maduro cuts off electricity to the Argentine embassy in Venezuela

Venezuelan dictator Nicolas Maduro| Photo: EFE/Bianvenido Velasco

On Tuesday (26), the Argentine government accused Nicolas Maduro's regime of cutting off electricity to its embassy headquarters in Caracas.

The accusation came through an official statement from the Argentine Presidential Office published on the X website (formerly Twitter). Argentina confirmed in this statement that it is sheltering members of the Venezuelan opposition who are being persecuted by the Chavez dictatorship at the official headquarters of the embassy in Caracas. The statement did not mention the number of opponents who are under Argentine protection.

According to several agencies, about six opponents of Maduro took refuge in the Argentine embassy in Caracas. They all have an open arrest warrant on charges of participating in a “conspiracy” against the Chavez regime.

the gate information He identified five opponents who would be under Argentine protection: Pedro Orochorto; Magali Meda (leader of the opposition campaign, María Corina Machado); Humberto Villalobos; Claudia Masiero and Omar Gonzalez. The name of the sixth was not found.

The official statement issued by Argentina on Tuesday indicates that the institutional situation in Venezuela continues to deteriorate, with acts of hostility and persecution directed against opposition political figures. The document highlights the “historic mission of promoting and protecting fundamental human rights” of Argentina and its country. Effective adherence to these principles.

The statement said that “Argentina, stipulated in Article 22 of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, welcomed opposition political leaders at the headquarters of its official embassy in Caracas, and provided them with protection,” and that Argentine President Javier Miley expressed concern about the power outages being provided. To the embassy, ​​which would have happened on Monday (25).

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“The Republic of Argentina expresses its concern over the incident that occurred yesterday, which led to a power outage at the official headquarters in Caracas, and warns the Government of Venezuela against any deliberate act that endangers the safety of Argentine diplomatic personnel who are Venezuelans under protection, recalling the obligation of the receiving country to protect the facilities of the diplomatic mission.” from intrusions or damage and to preserve its tranquility and dignity,” as stated in an excerpt from the document.

The statement concludes with a direct appeal to dictator Maduro to ensure “the security and integrity of the Venezuelan people and to call for transparent, free, democratic and competitive elections, without any embargo of any kind.”

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