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Why are turbulences increasing on planes? Account specialist

a disturbance It is an experience that no airline passenger would like to experience during a flight. However, this phenomenon is inevitable and has become increasingly frequent in recent years.

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Unstable air movement is caused by changes in temperature, pressure, and even winds. When the plane passes through one of these currents, it can push or pull it in different directions, causing the dreaded and hated turbulence.

Usually, commercial aircraft fly over places where these patterns exist to avoid frequent movement. However, it can occur at different altitudes.

The disorder is more frequent

What frequent runners have noticed is that the disorder has become more common in recent years. According to a study by the University of Reading, UK, published in 2019 in the journal Nature, the vertical shear causing the phenomenon has increased by 15% since 1979.

According to Paul Williams, professor of atmospheric sciences and co-author of the study, changes in climate are to blame. “We have now accumulated a large body of scientific evidence that disturbances are increasing due to climate change,” he said.

“We expect a further strengthening of wind shear over the coming decades, possibly doubling or tripling the amount of strong turbulence,” Williams added.

Therefore, if you usually travel by plane, get ready for more “shakes” in the coming years.

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