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City Hall of New York Hires Professional for R,000 to Fight Mice |  The National Gazette

City Hall of New York Hires Professional for R$68,000 to Fight Mice | The National Gazette

New York elects “Kazarina” to fight off a rat infestation

town hall New York He created a new position with excellent pay to fight the public enemy of the city.

Monsters, aliens, superheroes… New York has always been the scene of great battles against beings who wanted to destroy the city. But this time the enemy is real and known to New Yorkers.

The relationship between New York and rats is well known. They even say that a newcomer becomes a city dweller only when he finds a mouse in the house. Humor is a way to confront this disliked, yet outdated reality. For nearly 360 years, New York has been trying to stem the spread of these rodents.

“If you have the drive, determination, and killer instinct to battle the relentless rat population of New York City, this is your dream job.”

After four months, the search ended this week.

The mayor, Eric Adams, declared, “We are pleased to say that we have found the ‘Caesarean rat’.” “It’s focused on improving the quality of life for New Yorkers.”

Kathleen Corradi was chosen. You will receive a monthly salary of 14,000 US dollars, which is about R$68,000.

“I admit that when I first saw this ad I wasn’t sure if it was real or not. Bloodthirst is not a word you normally see in a job description, and it is certainly not a word I would normally describe. But I have to say the ad caught my eye.”

“This is more than just an issue of quality of life. Rats are a symptom of issues like sanitation, health, housing and economic justice,” Kathleen said.