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Who was Keir Starmer elected Prime Minister of England?

Who was Keir Starmer elected Prime Minister of England?

He is a big football fan and Arsenal fan. Starmer has been married to Victoria Alexander – known in Labor circles as Lady Vic – since 2007 and has two children, a boy and a girl, both teenagers. In an interview with Sky News in June, she said she feared the impact the election for prime minister would have on her family. “They are at a difficult age,” she explained, adding that she has yet to appear in public with her children to “protect them.”

During the election campaign, he defined six priorities. Starmer promised economic stability, reducing NHS (National Health Service) waiting lists, strengthening the police, a new energy policy, opening up posts for teachers and creating a command center to boost border security. Asked how he would like to be remembered, he replied: “As someone who had a brave, reformist Labor government. As a great father and friend.”


Evidence of atrocities is unbelievable. Photographs of civilians in the suburbs of Kiev, blindfolded with their hands tied behind their backs. (…) There should be justice for this. There must be justice in the Hague [Tribunal Penal Internacional] And there must be adequate reparations for the reconstruction of Ukraine.
He spoke to Reuters after a visit to Ukraine in February 2023

I hate failure, especially in football and politics. I play football every week, in the middle of the field, commanding. Many say participation is key. I don’t think so. Winning is what matters.
Interview with The Guardian, August 2023

Almost everyone recognizes that agreement [Boris] Johnson’s cover is not good, very superficial. Coming to 2025, we will try to get the best deal for the UK. (…) We have to implement it. It’s not about going back, but I refuse to accept that we can’t do this.
Commentary on Brexit for the Financial Times in September 2023

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