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Who is the 7-year-old designer whose dresses are so popular even among Hollywood stars |  amazing

Who is the 7-year-old designer whose dresses are so popular even among Hollywood stars | amazing

Who is the 7-year-old designer boy whose dresses are so popular even among Hollywood stars?

a Paris Fashion Week It continues until Tuesday (5) and concludes the calendar of major fashion shows in the fashion world. From here comes the inspiration for the clothes that will hit stores in the coming months as well as for new designers.

The fashion season started in February in New York, but this year no young talent was able to attend. Max Alexander She has a long waiting list for her dresses that even Hollywood stars look forward to (Learn more below). The reason for your absence? He can't miss a test at school.

He's only 7 years old, and he's still learning to write, but since he was 4 he's been working the sewing machine like a pro. Max himself creates and sews everything in his attic and turns it into a studio in his home in Los Angeles.

Sheri, Max's mother, says it all started from scratch:

“In the middle of the pandemic, during dinner, he turned around and said, ‘I’m a seamstress. “I need a doll. He was so serious.”

Since everyone was stuck at home, he decided to support their interest. He made a mannequin out of cardboard and gave her some tapes he had at home.

“And he started making a dress. It was unbelievable. I found more fabric and said, 'Can you make another fabric so I can see?'”

“I made this dress for when someone goes into the water, because people wear really boring clothes in the pool. This one is for the bride who just got married and wants to go to the party,” the boy says.

Requests made by Hollywood stars

“When I started publishing the pieces he sewed, orders started arriving, more and more and more.”says Max's mother. His creations quickly went viral, with models, rehearsals and even a fashion show.

“One day I got a message from Sharon Stone asking, ‘How can I get one of his jackets?’” “He had no idea who Sharon Stone was, but she was really cool,” she says.

The prices of the pieces vary, and the mother explains this Everything he earns is divided into four parts. One is donated, while the other is used to buy more fabric. The rest he has to invest and save.

Wings are his favorite accessories: on the shoulder, on the back, and on clothes that he makes himself.

“I don't like wearing clothes made by others. It's weird,” Max says.

See the full interview above.

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