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WhatsApp will launch a new function that allows audio review

WhatsApp will launch a new function that allows audio review

Another novelty! a The WhatsApp It should soon launch another job on the platform. According to the information, users will have new options when sending audio. So far, only devices with the iOS beta have received the changes.

Update on WhatsApp audios

With the change, the voice messages will appear in an icon in the form of sound waves. Thus, both the sender and receiver will see the new form in real time.

In addition, an option will be launched soon that will allow you to review voice messages before sending them to the messenger. This will provide more security to the user, as noise or failure is noticed by the audio review.

It should be noted that this feature is not an innovation, other platforms such as Telegram are already using this mechanism. According to the company, this was an old request made by users

Operations failed

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Regarding the feature’s performance on operating systems, so far, only iOS devices can test the new feature. a The WhatsApp I mentioned that they also did tests for Android, however, it was showing crashes in the launch bar.

Therefore, while corrections are made, the feature continues to be evaluated on iPhones, incl. There is still no specific date for the implementation of the new feature, in a general way, i.e. for all users of the platform.

Soon, all messengers will have access to the final versions of the improvements made to the application system. Likewise, the features to speed up the playback of voice and digital payments were also tested.

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However, you just have to wait for all updates to be released on WhatsApp.

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