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New for those who send many audio recordings on WhatsApp!

More news from The WhatsApp It should arrive soon for all messaging users. This time, the updates will target voice messages. iOS beta (testing) devices are about to receive changes.

According to the WaBetaInfo website, the news includes changes in the way beloved audios are sent among users. The site specializes in WhatsApp and always discloses various spoilers of what is being tested.

Check the news on WhatsApp audios

Now messages will have a new layout at the time of sending. The sound will appear as a sound wave to the receiver and also to the transmitter. The image will appear in real time for both.

There is currently a progress bar to show the audio being recorded. This change promises more interaction and improved user experience.

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However, it is not only the aesthetic changes that the messenger experiences. Another new feature is the ability to review audio before sending it. That’s right, to ensure that no unwanted noise or speech is generated, it will be possible to check the message.

It’s worth noting here that this feature isn’t exactly an innovation. Other platforms, such as competitor Telegram, are already using the mechanism. But it is still an old request from users served by WhatsApp.

Problems are fixed

According to the information, currently only iOS devices can test the novelty. The audio review was tested on Android as well, but it has some issues. It was possible to control the playback. That is why the platform suspended testing on the “small robot”.

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While corrections are being made, feature analysis on iPhones basically continues. There is still no confirmation of the resource’s mass publication date.

However, soon all users will have final versions of improvements to their apps.

Tools such as audio playback acceleration and digital payments have also been tested in this way.

So, you can expect a lot of news for future WhatsApp updates. While this generates anxiety among users, it also shows that the tool is still up to date.

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