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4 steps to customize WhatsApp in Super Mario Bros. mode

4 steps to customize WhatsApp in Super Mario Bros. mode

It’s easy to find people who are fans of the franchise Super Mario Bros And he would like to live in a world dominated by this aesthetic. The good news is that WhatsApp makes it possible for your profile to dress up as Mario and his friends.

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Check below how to activate Super Mario Bros mode in your WhatsApp and set the messenger to your preferred franchise.

Learn how to activate ‘Mario Bros Mode’ on WhatsApp

Mario Bros / Run

You’ve been interested in enabling “Super Mario Bros Mode” in your app, so check out how to do that from now on. You just need to follow a very simple and intuitive step:

1. Start with the code

Just search for the “Super Mario Run” PNG icon in any browser. Now download Nova Launcher and configure it as you like, then tap on the WhatsApp icon, tap Edit, select apps and access your gallery. Now just find the logo you downloaded earlier and change it.

2. Download the Super Mario Bros. stickers

There are several websites responsible for providing stickers for WhatsApp, but you can use Stycker.ly to get Super Mario Bros stickers specifically.

3. Change WhatsApp wallpaper

On google there are many backgrounds With Mario Bros. graphics. You just need to download what you want and then click on settings, in WhatsApp go to chats and set wallpaper.

4. You will need to have Super Mario Bros. on your profile picture

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There you just need to download the Mario Bros avatar from any page and then go to settings, click on your profile picture and edit it.

ready! This way you will activate “Mario Bros Mode” on any cell phone and in any situation. It is worth following the tips to have a different experience with your messaging app, as it is used every day. This will help not to get tired so quickly.

It is noteworthy that there is no WhatsApp rule It is prohibited to use images and other themes from any area to personalize the application within each user’s cell phone.