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WhatsApp Secret knows how to read messages without your contact knowing

WhatsApp Secret knows how to read messages without your contact knowing

Nowadays, social networks are part of our lives. They are increasingly being used by users all over the world so that they can communicate, exchange information, entertain themselves as well as advertise their business. Among the most popular social networks in the world, we can mention WhatsApp. The app, in particular, is very popular in Brazil, where it is present on more than 98% of mobile devices.

The giant, which belongs to the Meta company, which also owns Instagram and Facebook, has more than 5 billion downloads according to the official Google Play Store page. The average app rating is 4.3 stars, based on nearly 179 million user reviews. Although they are widely used, there are some issues that may leave users in doubt. See more below.

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How to read messages without the contact knowing on WhatsApp?

First of all, it is important to highlight that although social networks can be widely used, users may be looking for more privacy when using them. The point is that with social media, many people can feel pressured to be present at all times, available to respond to others.

With this, it is only natural that many people want to activate features that can contribute to increasing privacy, and companies can launch tools in this regard. This is the case, for example, of WhatsApp, which allows the user to read other people’s messages without the contacts knowing that the message has been read.

To do this, the user who wants to take advantage of this feature must access the settings of the application to be able to deactivate or activate the feature.

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How to make?

For those who use WhatsApp on Android, just open the app and tap on the three dots in the top right corner. Then you should go to Settings and then Privacy. With this, you will see the option to disable or enable message read receipts. For those with an iPhone, the process is also to open the app, go to Settings and then Privacy.

This means that the blue line below the messages, in the right corner, will not appear for you again, nor will it appear after that for your contacts, regarding the messages exchanged between you.

However, a point worth noting is that by doing this, others will not know when you will read their messages, you will also not be able to know if they have read your messages or not. Therefore, there is a two-way street.

If you want to disable the feature to get people to read receipts again, you can follow the same process above to disable the functionality.

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