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A fan discovers a shortcut to defeat the Butcher

A fan discovers a shortcut to defeat the Butcher

The Butcher takes a lot of casualties in Diablo IV and has emerged as one of the most annoying opponents to defeat in an RPG. Right after launchAlmost 6 million players have already been killed by him. Now, it looks like a fan has found a way to end his life without suffering damage.

During your dungeon exploration, you never know when the butcher will appear. It appears randomly and usually takes those without potions by surprise at the worst of times, so the fatality rate for it is high.

Netizen crazycatlady1196 posted on reddit way to deal with the enemy. Just use a “workaround” when heading to some height and do damage from above, so he can’t reach you. Check it out in the video below:

Stop the butcher with 3 bosses & tbh you do what you gotta do
by u/crazycatlady1196 in Diablo 4

This will not be a problem for those who play magicians, rogues or necromancers. However, other classes, which require close combat, will need to be more careful with the monster from Diablo IV.

Diablo IV servers crash due to DDoS attack

Diablo IV servers have been hit by DDoS attacks, causing instability during gameplay. The good news is that Blizzard has already fixed the problem. Find out more details here!

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