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WhatsApp: Screen sharing arrives in video calls;  See how to use

WhatsApp: Screen sharing arrives in video calls; See how to use

Hey WhatsApp It recently announced a new feature that promises to bring people closer together, even from a distance. Now, users will be able to share their screen during video calls, allowing everyone to be in the same room virtually.

This new addition to the application aims to provide a more interactive and closer experience among users.

How does screen sharing work on WhatsApp?

To use this function, simply click the While button video callWhether with one person or in a group. When screen sharing is turned on, windows containing the faces of the people participating in the call will be arranged at the top of the shared screen, ensuring everyone can see the same image.

WhatsApp describes this new function as a way to bring people together, regardless of the physical distance between them. It's a way to create a feeling of being in the same environment, even if they are miles apart.

Share files AirDrop style

In addition to screen sharing, WhatsApp It's also testing functionality similar to Apple's AirDrop and Android's Quick Share. This new tool will allow users to share files with people nearby.

To use this function, both users will need to open a specific section in the application. When asked to share files, you'll need to shake the device to start the transfer process.

Privacy and security features

All transfers Files and video calls on WhatsApp are end-to-end encrypted, ensuring that only conversation participants have access to shared content. In addition, users' mobile phone numbers will remain hidden from people who are not in their contact list.

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These security measures ensure user privacy and confidentiality of information shared during video calls and file sharing.

Availability of new jobs

The new screen sharing functionality is available in the beta version of WhatsApp for Android, which can be downloaded from the Play Store, Google Play Store. There is still no information about when this function will be officially launched for all users.

It is important to note that beta versions of WhatsApp may contain bugs and instability, as they are in the testing phase. Therefore, users are recommended to be careful when using this version and report any issues to the app development team.

Furthermore it, WhatsApp It continues to improve its functionality to provide an increasingly complete and interactive experience for users. Screen sharing in video calls is a welcome addition, allowing friends, family, and co-workers to be closer, even from a distance.

Moreover, AirDrop style file sharing provides a fast and practical way to exchange files between nearby users. All this while committing to the privacy and security that WhatsApp has always been interested in providing.

Stay tuned for app updates and make the most of all the features the app has to offer. WhatsApp He has to show. Stay connected with those you care about and enjoy a more enriching virtual experience.