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WhatsApp releases a new update for those who love videos!  It’s much better!

WhatsApp releases a new update for those who love videos! It’s much better!

famous messaging app, WhatsAppjust released file new update Through the BetaTestFlight test program, and update its version to The update brings important innovations, such as an option High quality video uploads and profile icon improvements within chat groups.

The added features have been in the spotlight among the app’s users, who are eagerly awaiting updates that improve their experience of using the app. WhatsApp.

What’s new in the update?

BetaTestFlight WhatsApp software update enhances features such as Download high quality videoand improved profile icons. Some beta testers have access to the higher-quality video sharing feature, and as days go by, availability should expand to other users of the software.

New video feature. Photo: wabetaininfo

How does the high quality video download work?

The new function allows users to share dimension-preserving videos and make use of a simple compression. Although the option does not allow users to share videos in their original quality, the scale promises to significantly improve the quality of the transmitted material.

To make use of this feature, users need to choose the High Quality option whenever they want to share a new video. When you upload a video using this option, the video will be marked as a file High quality video in the conversation and a new tag is automatically added to the message bubble. However, the high quality option for videos is not yet available for sharing via status updates.

What more can we expect?

The update also brought improvements to profile icons within chat groups. Specifically, thumbnails for contacts whose profile pictures are hidden or unavailable have been revised. These thumbnails now display the respective party member’s initials.

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The implementation of these features aims to add value and simplicity to the user experience. It should be noted the importance of constantly updating the application and following all possible news and paraphrases.

WhatsApp has been attentive to the needs of its users, and is constantly striving to improve the app’s features and interface.