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Whatsapp: Learn how to clear cache to make the app faster

with the time of use, Whatsapp can show signs of slowness, even on tasks that are normally done quickly. One of the factors that can contribute to the slowness of the application is the large number of files in the cache. Below, we will teach you how to clean this data.

Temporary cache files are data that are stored on the phone and contribute to the fast launch of apps. However, when they accumulate, they reduce the internal storage space and thus overload the smartphone processor.

For Android mobile users, there are greater facilities when cleaning. see below:

How to clear WhatsApp Cache on Android

  1. Open the app and access the Settings option;
  2. Then press “Applications”;
  3. At the bottom, choose the “WhatsApp” option;
  4. Under the Storage option, you will find Clear Cache, just click;
  5. If you wish, you can erase all stored information (files, drivers and other data). In this case, click on “Clear data”

How to clear WhatsApp Cache on Android

Unlike Android, Apple smartphones do not offer an option to clear cache. For iPhones, you will need to delete the app and install it again.

(with information from Canaltech)

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