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5 NASA inventions you use every day

5 NASA inventions you use every day

Many common tools and devices, which we use in everyday tasks, have been developed by organizations for completely different purposes. Some of these things were even made by scientists NASAUS Space Agency.

This means that many of the things people use today, and you probably were while reading this article, were developed with space in mind.

The following list contains just a few examples of NASA-created instruments that have been modified for common use. Along with the examples, you can check out the purpose of each one.

Tools and tools developed by NASA

1. Wireless headphones

Anyone who has used or used wireless headphones knows that it’s a joy to be able to listen to music or videos without wires getting in the way. It is precisely for this purpose that they were created.

On a spacecraft, wires in zero gravity can get in the way of its movement or even get caught in other devices.

Therefore, a headset that would allow the astronauts to move smoothly while still effectively communicating was necessary.

2. Cordless vacuum cleaner

Wiring is definitely a problem for NASA. In the case of the vacuum cleaner, the goal was to collect dust on the lunar surface.

Therefore, it must be internally powered and small in size for integration into the rovers and lunar modules. Later, many of these functions have been implemented in today’s household vacuum cleaners.

3. Anti-scratch lens

So far, the examples are technological and advanced, but what if you find out that lens scratch protection was originally developed for helmet visors.

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What started as plastic protection for spacecraft soon found its way into space helmets to prevent scratches and prevent visual impairment for astronauts.

Logically, such technology would end up in eyeglass lenses around the world.

4. Anti-corrosion coating

This example needs no introduction, because everyone knows that spacecraft must be able to withstand the worst conditions.

Because of the extraterrestrial temperature and the protection of the atmosphere, spacecraft need to withstand extreme cold and heat.

With this in mind, several types of coatings have been created. Thus, one of them enabled the emergence of anti-corrosion protectors.

5. Cell phone cameras

Modern smartphones use the latest and most accurate technology. This started years ago, when, in the 1990s, NASA developed cameras that were able to take up small spaces, allowing more instruments to come along.

Not just the cameras, but all the ability to pack a multitude of gadgets into tiny devices happened to create and improve the first smartphones.