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The Mercado Livre changes color for the first time in 23 years

In memory of Consumer Week, which runs from March 13th to March 19thOn Saturday morning (11), the Mercado Livre website turned blue. The special action replaces the brand’s signature yellow color and aims to enhance Mercado Pago.

In a somewhat unexpected move, Mercado Livre adopted a blue look on Saturday morning, spooking those accustomed to the brand’s color identity. paying off:

According to the company, the action seeks to boost Mercado Pago’s image as the digital bank for Grupo Mercado Livre. After all, the shade of blue was not chosen by chance. It’s the same payment system.

“This is a unique moment in the history of both brands. Opening the Mercado Livre website and not finding the yellow one shows how much we collaborate. In the coming months, we will carry out several activations,” said Iori Maia, Mercado Pago’s Head of Brand for Latin America. that will connect us more, always with the aim of making the benefits of our ecosystem tangible to users.

Platform users will be able to see the site in blue for a limited time. That’s because the motion will only remain active between 8am and 11am (Brasilia time) this morning.

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