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WhatsApp is preparing two new functions that are super waiting for you

WhatsApp is preparing two new functions that are super waiting for you

WABetaInfo has reported in recent weeks that WhatsApp Beta is undergoing an update in its development. According to the website, the app will allow you to protect conversations with digital, facial, or password biometrics.

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Understand the update

As the site indicated, this feature is still in the testing phase, but the idea is that it will be ready for use in the WhatsApp Beta update. It works even if the app is open on the user’s device. At the moment, the project is released only for some users.

The new tool works as follows, once a chat has been locked with a password, it will be moved to the Locked Conversations session. With the help of this new feature, users’ privacy will increase, mainly related to media files, such as uploaded photos and videos, which can be prevented from being viewed in blocked chats. If someone attempts to read the conversation and does not provide the password or biometric authentication, they will be prompted to delete the conversation.

New features for groups

In addition to the chat blocker, a new update package for the app’s chat groups is being tested. WhatsApp announced that admins will now have more control over who can join a chat, as well as more ease in seeing which groups you and a contact have in common.

The news was announced by Mark Zuckerberg, the owner of the Meta company, which is responsible for controlling the social networks Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, during an Instagram live broadcast on the Meta channel.

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In a note released by the company, Meta talked a bit about the new controls for admins, check this out:

“We created a simple tool that allows them to decide who can join a group. Now, when an admin chooses to share their group invite link or leave it open to join a community, they have more control over who can join. Groups are where people make some of their Their most intimate conversations, and it’s important for administrators to be able to easily decide who can join and who can’t.”

Another novelty that the company has released is that, now, if you are trying to remember the name of a group that you don’t know what it is, but remember a member of the group, you can easily search by contact name to see all the groups you have in common. Previously, this was only possible by entering the contact profile on WhatsApp itself.

According to the official announcement, the features have started rolling out globally in the coming weeks. “We will continue to create new tools to make Groups the best experience for admins and participants,” the platform concluded.