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Half-Life: Alyx is getting a mod that removes its virtual reality elements

Half-Life: Alyx is getting a mod that removes its virtual reality elements

It is considered one of the best games in the series. Half-Life: Alex It ended up being for a long time an experience only for those who invested in a virtual reality headset. However, thanks to the work of a group of fans, it now finally exists Which turns the game into a more traditional and accessible experience.

Is available for Free download on ModDBAnd Half-Life Alyx NoVR has several modifications that do not require the use of accessories to enjoy the game. Being a work in progress, the mod has reached a state where the adventure can actually be played from start to finish without any major hitches.

Among the adjustments you make is converting moments that require moving the hands (such as opening doors) to them Something that can be done using the action button. Likewise, only one command is needed to interact with items in the environment or activate the gravity gloves created by Valve.

The mod promises continuous improvements

The team responsible for the Ministry of Defense warns of this There are still many limitations that will be corrected little by little. Whoever uses it, for example, will still have to deal with Half-Life 2’s interface, since the tweaks needed to use Half-Life: Alyx’s visuals haven’t been fully implemented yet.

Likewise, some animations are still missing and 9 of the 42 achievements normally associated with the game are not supported. At the same time, The mod is indeed a good choice for those who have always wanted to check out this chapter of the seriesbut you can’t invest in a virtual reality headset or you can’t play games with the technology.

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launched in 2020, Half-Life: Alyx is currently the latest chapter in the series It shows the events that occurred between your first and second matches. Although fans of the franchise have been asking Valve to resume Gordon Freeman’s adventures for years, it has not yet given any indication that this is part of its future plans.


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source: GameSpot