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unbelievable!  Google makes a mistake and gives R,000 to some people who can keep the value!

unbelievable! Google makes a mistake and gives R$5,000 to some people who can keep the value!

The way finances are handled is changing around the world. If a short time ago many people no longer carried cash, now there are those who do not carry a physical card in their pockets.

This is happening thanks to services and payment systems that act as digital wallets on mobile phones. One of the most famous is Google’s linked service, which is used by more and more Android phone users. Understand, however, what happened recently that scared a lot of people using this option.

Find out how this Google Pay bug that ‘gave money’ to users worked (Image: Disclosure)

Google Pay error

correct! Several users of the tech giant’s digital wallet service ended up being shocked when the “missing” funds appeared in their accounts.

They are users Google Pay In the United States, they have used social networks to say that they have received deposits in their accounts that you did not expect.

The values โ€‹โ€‹of this “scam money” ranged from: $50 (about R$253) up to $1,000 (more than R$5,050 today). The biggest scare was the fact that this amount fell into the account without any explanation.

But the most surprising part came later: shortly after the incident, the company itself confirmed the error and said there was a problem with the payment processing system.

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Google Pay gave money to users?

As if the story wasn’t already so bizarre, a few days after the bug, Google sent an email directly to the affected users, according to UOL’s Tilt portal.

Namely, the company apologized for the error and stated that Google Pay would leave the money to them if they had already withdrawn from the e-wallet. correct!

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Those who have already withdrawn the amounts can keep that money since the company made the mistake. And even more: there will be no consequences for customers because of this.

Google rewards?

Finally, this topic is the cause of conversation in the midst of the tech community. That’s because some online forums talk about a possible system for “Google Pay Rewards“.

According to a user on the Reddit portal, for example, there was a payment of this type of “bonus” in the amount of 1073 USD in his account – evidenced by a screenshot.

The explanation for this, so far, is that Google may have been testing a credit (or rewards) service and there was this bug. Next, the letter from the company read:

  • You received this email because an accidental cash credit has been deposited into your Google Pay account. The issue has been resolved and, where possible, the credit has been reversedโ€” mentioned email, according to Tilt.

Meaning, if you receive a value from Google itself without any kind of explanation, stay tuned! It may be a system error, so wait for the company to contact you.

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