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Access to WhatsApp will be limited if the user does not agree to the new terms of use

WhatsApp: a new function that will allow conversations to disappear automatically

a The WhatsApp It intends to include another novelty in the messaging platform. The company is studying a new tool to protect its users’ accounts. The mechanism will be available in the platform settings. Thus, when accessing the “Account” and “Privacy” option, the user will find a new alternative called “Hide Mode”.

So far, not many details have been released about the new feature. However, it has been reported that the conversations will be temporary, which prevents the messaging software from manually changing the settings in the chat information. The new should be released next week for Android and iOS platforms.

In addition, the The WhatsApp Several possible versions have been announced, one of which indicates the ability to make backups with access to Google Drive using a password.

According to disclosure on the WABetaInfo website, there are three steps to creating a password for your saved backup in Google Drive. This password must be at least eight characters long, and the backup copy is “end-to-end encrypted”.

The company is always looking for ways to make all the resources available for the two most used operating systems, Android and iOS. However, WhatsApp does not know when the backup function will be available for all messaging programs.

Access to WhatsApp Web will be independent

a The WhatsApp It provides the function of accessing the account through a computer, tablet or laptop. Access is done by reading a QR code that depends on the phone’s constant connection to the Internet, in addition to its proximity to the device.

However, competitor Telegram created this feature by allowing the user to access the account in the web version without needing to log into the mobile phone.

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According to WABeta Info, the new WhatsApp service that should ensure its “independence” from cell phones is in the testing phase for Android and iOS, which may address criticism from many instant messaging platform users.

Currently, only beta version of the app for the Apple operating system allows the user to use the web account without the need for the mobile device to be connected to the Internet.

Additionally, the site states that not all functions are available, however, they must be adhered to by the company over time or updates. In this sense, one can embody the “delete for all” function, which is one of the most anticipated and used functions in recent times.

Another feature related to the new web version is the speed of browsing. In addition to that, business accounts can also be accessed by computer without cell phone internet connection.

Finally, the new version of WhatsApp Web has not yet been launched, since the system is still in the final stage of development.

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