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Dualsense controls new for the PS5 on Amazon

Dualsense controls new for the PS5 on Amazon

The new Dualsense controls for the PS5 will be available by pre-order tomorrow (20) on Amazon. Sony announced, last Thursday (13), two new models of its Dualsense controller for Playstation 5 in Midnightblue and Cosmic Red colors, moving away from the traditional black and white aesthetic, which matches the colors of the new console.

In terms of structure and design, nothing changes. The controls continue with the same built-in microphone characteristics, a wide range of haptic feedback, which provides greater gaming immersion, and adaptive triggers with locks, depending on the game design, which generate different behaviors in the triggers (R2 and L2) during gameplay.

Control Sense Midnight Black

Add excitement to PS5 game nights with the DualSense Midnight Black wireless controller. Part of a new line of colors with the galaxy look, this elegant design is inspired by the way we see the wonders of space in the night sky, with subtle shades of black and light gray details.

Control Dual Sense Cosmic Red

Discover the new game limits on your PS5 with the DualSense Cosmic Red wireless controller. Part of a new color line with a galaxy theme, this intense two-tone design is inspired by the unique and stunning red found throughout the universe, complemented by detailing around the buttons for a futuristic finish.

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