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WhatsApp will make conversations that disappear automatically

More news on The WhatsApp! The company is studying a new alternative to protect users’ privacy. The action can be accessed in the messaging app’s settings. Upon entering the Account menu then Privacy, the user will find a new alternative called Disappearance mode.

New conversations will be temporary, without the need to manually change the configuration in the chat information. However, there aren’t many details about how the feature works. Novelty should start in the coming weeks for WhatsApp users Male in appearance E iOS.

It is also worth noting that the app may gain other news in the future. Among them, the ability to backup password to Google Drive (Android) and iCloud (iOS).

Site WABetaInfo Three were released Cloth clutch. There, there are step-by-step steps to set password for archived backup in Google Drive. The picture shows that the credentials must be at least eight characters long. In another case, the backup is said to be “end-to-end encrypted”.

In addition to the Android app, messenger is also considering the same feature for iOS. However, it is not yet known when WhatsApp will make password backups possible for all clients.

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