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What will happen to HBO Max?  Understanding the future of service

What will happen to HBO Max? Understanding the future of service

When the movie bat girl Canceled, it’s just the beginning of the chaos happening behind the scenes on HBO Max, Discovery+, and Warner. The film received an investment of US$90 million and was already in production.

After the news, rumors began to surface with the assumption of a mass layoff and the end of HBO Max, which was reinforced by the withdrawal of some original productions from the streaming platform. Last Thursday (4) some information about the case was published and the rumors were denied.

HBO Max and Discovery+: What will happen?

Indeed, the executives behind the companies are planning to renew their services, which was expected, but no information about the layoffs has been confirmed. In 2020, Warner was sold to Discovery, which ended up joining companies like HBO, HBO Max, Warner, DC, Cartoon Network, Animal Planet, and others.

Official news has revealed some rumors about the future of the streaming platform (Image: Reproduction/HBO Max)

Now, in the name of Warner Bros. Discovery, the changes already have a date to be put into effect. HBO Max and Discovery+, which currently own their own streaming platforms, will merge in 2023.

JP Perrett, CEO and Head of Broadcasting and Games at Warner Bros. Discovery said that putting all the content together was the best decision to create a viable business. The executive also said that the new streaming platform should also reach an audience in the service’s free space, supported by ads, with content different from paid content.

Warner Bros. executives. Discovery, however, did not reveal the official name of the streaming platform, nor the values. However, what was announced was a major overhaul to include HBO or HBO Max in the service’s name. However, viewers can rest assured that HBO will remain the biggest brand on the platform. With that, rumors of the end of HBO Max have been allayed.

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When will the merger between HBO Max and Discovery+ happen?

According to Warner Bros. Discovery, the new streaming platform, will launch first in the US between June and September 2023. The next step will be to make the service available in Latin America, which includes Brazil, between September and December next year. In Europe, Asia and other markets, the launch takes place only in 2024.