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Collars and chains: a risk to the company |  general

Collars and chains: a risk to the company | general

Beware the hoop has to be doubled up (Photo: Mabel Amber – Pixabay)

Dog collars can be convenient for displaying your identity and therefore a safety strategy. However, when used with lead, while walking, they can cause serious harm to animal health.

A study published in the scientific journal Vet Record, by researchers from the University of Nottingham in the UK, found that for all types and styles of collars (nylon, rope, chain choke and uniform leash, even if they are padded or wide), there is a risk of neck injury. “No collar has been tested in research that provides pressure low enough to reduce the risk of pulling injuries,” says Camille Chamonix, geneticist, dog care and behavior consultant and editor of all your French country social media. He is also the creator of the Neuroscientific Approach to dog education in Brazil.

According to the geneticist, the neck is a noble area of ​​the body, through which many anatomical structures pass. “This is the case of the trachea that carries air, the esophagus that carries food, the cervical spine where the spinal cord passes through the neck and is an extension of the brain. In addition, the thyroid gland is located in it, which is important for the metabolism of the body, and the thyroid gland, which is necessary for the process of Calcium metabolism, which has, among other functions, bone formation,” explains Chamon. The veins and arteries still pass through the neck that supply the brain.

Therefore, when pulling the animal by the neck, all these structures are at risk of injury. “There is a general feeling that in order to use a choke chain it is only necessary to ‘have experience’ with it, something that is propagated without any scientific basis. Science shows us that all walking equipment used on the neck can be dangerous,” he thinks.

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Even small bumps, which occur frequently and even without the owner realizing it, can cause small injuries that, over time, build up and cause major problems. The use of walking equipment on the neck can, among countless complications, lead to decreased oxygenation of the brain, partial dislocation of the cervical vertebrae, and serious problems with the windpipe, formed by cartilage.

Pulls on the sidewalk: an unsolvable necklace
The argument made by the owners of walking with a choke chain is that the dog pulls a lot while walking and that the tool will help control it. However, Chamonix emphasizes: “As the name suggests, the executioner hangs and strangles the dog. He may pull less, but because of discomfort and suffering – this does not solve the cause of the problem.” According to his consulting experience, the most common reason for his attraction on the tour is the fact that he leads a stressful life. In this sense, suffocating him with improper walking tools generates more stress and anxiety.

“Suffocation can make your dog stop pulling, but he develops other compensatory behaviors, such as compulsive acts and learning difficulties. In order not to drag, you have to address your anxiety in general.” For a safe ride without drag, we recommend managing the animal’s stress. This control aims to maintain a balanced life through four pillars: emotional management, food quality, satisfactory sleep, and a physical exercise routine. And speaking of them, there are no chokers or other types of collars: the ideal is the use of comfortable equipment, as is the case with the chest model.

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