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On Meghan Markle’s birthday, Prince William, Kate Middleton, and Prince Charles pay homage

This Thursday, the fourth, Meghan Markle turns 41 and thus, has received some honors from the British Royal Family. But to be honest, tribute can be a strong word to describe the happy birthday wishes sent to the Duchess of Sussex.

Unlike most public figures, royal family members’ social networks are used almost like official memos, without personal clicks or other casual matters. Therefore, when it comes to a memorial date, such as birthdays, births, and weddings, the vast majority of real profiles post a photo of the distinguished person.

But why do we tell you all this? Well, to show exactly how this year’s tribute to Meghan Markle was, to say the least, a secret. This time, Prince William, Kate Middleton, Prince Charles and Camilla decided to post a photo of Meghan in Stories with the following message:

Happy birthday to the Duchess of Sussex.

In addition, another detail that catches the eye is that the photo chosen by the two profiles is almost identical, and was taken while the Duchess was visiting the United Kingdom to celebrate the platinum jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II.

Are the royals still dating Meghan?

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