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What is an OE frame?  It’s the best for your car!

What is an OE frame? It’s the best for your car!

When purchasing new tires, measurements, load and speed indicators must be considered, among other factors. But besides that, the best choice for your car is an OE tire (original equipment), adopted by the automaker, the “Original Factory Frame”.

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When developing a new vehicle, the automaker, in partnership with some of the major tire manufacturers, does all the work related to suspension calibration and homologation for certain types of vehicles. By using an OE frame, you are guaranteed to maintain the standard set by the automaker. An OE tire will also affect ride comfort, interior noise level, braking safety, and even fuel consumption.

According to Ulrich Merten, an expert on continentalone of the largest tire manufacturers in the world, automakers demand many characteristics when developing an OE tire.

In general, the main requirements relate to safety, reducing rolling resistance and noise levels both inside and outside the vehicle – all without compromising safety. Requirements also change over time, especially with new technologies. In the 1980s, for example, rolling resistance and fuel consumption played a relatively minor role, but this has fundamentally changed with the rise (and demands) of electric mobility. In short, pushing boundaries in all directions is the task ahead.”

In simple terms, the automatic equivalent of OE tires would be like a bespoke suit. They are specifically created to match the unique characteristics of your vehicle and improve its performance.

Why is this necessary? Because not all cars are created equal. They come in different sizes, makes, and models, with a variety of driving objectives. This translates to the specific needs of the tires on your wheels.