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Income Tax 2024: Revenue opens consultation on first batch of refunds this Thursday;  See if you will receive |  Income tax

Income Tax 2024: Revenue opens consultation on first batch of refunds this Thursday; See if you will receive | Income tax

Income tax — Photo: Marcos Serra/g1

Payments will be made starting May 31 – the same day as the announcement deadline.

in everything, More than 5.5 million taxpayers It will be covered by a total credit value of 9.5 billion Brazilian reals. The payment also includes remaining refunds from previous years.

According to the tax authorities, due to the state of disaster declared in Rio Grande do Sul (RS), priority was given to taxpayers residing in the state. In Republika Srpska, 886,260 permits will be recovered, including previous years, for a total of more than R$1 billion.

Gauchos were included in the scope of preference after the law and Before those who chose the PIX payment forms and the pre-filled declaration. Find out more here.

Of the amount of R$9.5 billion, approximately R$8.9 billion refers to priority taxpayers. are they:

  • 258,877 Elderly people over 80 years of age
  • 2,595,933 Taxpayers between the ages of 60 and 79 years
  • 162,902 Taxpayers who suffer from any physical or mental disability or serious illness
  • 1,105,772 Taxpayers whose largest source of income is teaching
  • 787,747 Taxpayers who received priority use a pre-filled return or choose to receive their refund via PIX.

Income tax 2024: Find out how to avoid falling through the cracks

See the 2024 IR Recovery Calendar

IR 2024 refund payments will be made in five installments, According to information from revenue. The filing deadline began on March 15.

See payment dates:

The page provides guidelines and channels for service delivery, allowing simplified or complete consultation on the status of the advertisement, through the processing statement, which can be accessed in the e-CAC. If any outstanding issue is identified in the return, the taxpayer can correct it and correct the information.

The Federal Revenue Service noted that it also provides an application for tablets and smartphones that allows information to be consulted directly in the Federal Revenue databases on the issuance of IRPF refunds and the status of registration of CPF registration.

When the consultation is carried out, the taxpayer will also be able to find out if there is any outstanding issue in his return that prevents the refund from being paid, that is, if he has fallen into the so-called “fine net”.

To find out if it is within the micronet, taxpayers can also access the income tax “statement” on the Federal Revenue website in the so-called e-CAC (Virtual Service Center).

When you log in, select the option “Income Tax (DIRPF Statement)”. In the “Processing” tab, select the “Hanging Network” item. There, you will be able to check if your pass is in the micronet and check why it was blocked.

To access the IR statement, it is necessary to use the access code generated on the Federal Revenue page itself or a digital certificate issued by a qualified authority.

Who is required to declare income tax in 2024

  • Who received taxable income of more than R$ 30,639.90 in 2023. The value is slightly higher than that of last year’s income tax return (R$ 28,559.70) due to the expansion of the scope of exemption since May of last year;
  • Taxpayers who received exempt, non-taxable or taxable income exclusively at source, The total of which was more than 200 thousand Brazilian reals last year;
  • Who received in any month of 2023 capital gains In the sale of goods or rights subject to tax, or carrying out operations on stocks, commodities, futures and similar exchanges. Which totaled more than 40 thousand Brazilian riyals Or with the calculation of net taxable profits;
  • Which is exempt from capital gains tax In selling residential real estate, Followed by the acquisition of another residential property within 180 days;
  • Which, in 2023, had total revenues of more than R$ 153,199.50 in rural activity (compared to R$ 142,798.50 in 2022);
  • which had, until December 31, 2023, Possession or ownership of goods or rights, including bare land, with a total value exceeding R$ 800,000 (compared to R$300,000 in 2022);
  • Which moved to put Residing in Brazil In any month and was in this state until December 31, 2023;
  • Who chose Declaration of assets, rights and obligations held by the entity under its control, directly or indirectly, outside As if it were owned directly by the individual;
  • lhave trust abroad;
  • Wants Updating assets abroad.