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What happens if it hits midnight?

Have you heard about Doomsday clock? Its main function is not just to mark the hours, as the most popular versions do. None of this! Its main goal is to be able to predict when Globalism Will end. For this, many events that are recorded across the planet, such as wars, are valued.

The watch was created in 1947, that is, this device has been operating and undergoing changes – when necessary – for 76 years. Its last tweaks were made last year, when it was set to 100 seconds to midnight. Coincidentally, the same thing happened in 2020.

Doomsday Clock: What Happens If It Strikes Midnight?

According to Sharon Squasone, co-chair of Bulletin Science: “The 100 seconds to midnight reflects the board’s judgment that we are in a precarious moment that does not bring stability or security. The positive developments of 2021 have failed to offset negative long-term trends.

Initially, the watch was created to measure nuclear threats, which were on the rise at the time the device was created. As of 2007, the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, a group of scientists who care about the clock, decided to include in this measurement all climate changes that are recorded on our planet as well.

The clock depends on human actions that can be devastating to our planet. This is why events, such as wars and nuclear threats, are so relevant to the calculations made for adjustment.

Some people don’t really believe in the efficacy of creation, because they are sure that civilization has come close to destroying the planet several times over the past few decades. It is worth noting that the clock is not always adjusted, that is, years can pass without any change, but it can also be adjusted every year.

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The truth is, the Doomsday Clock has never reached midnight in the 76 years of its existence. to me Scientists Take part in the creation, they really hope this never happens.

“When the clock strikes midnight, it means some kind of catastrophic nuclear transition or climate change that will wipe out humanity,” said Rachel Bronson, executive director of the publication. “So we don’t want to get there and we won’t know when we’ll get there.”