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With a stop in Itajaí, The Ocean Race promises to highlight Santa Catarina throughout Brazil

“Formula 1 dos mares” will be officially broadcast by Record News, and the partnership was officially announced on Monday (13)

Ready to host The Ocean Race for the fourth time in a row, Itajai The state of Santa Catarina must be strengthened at the national level. Scheduled to arrive in Santa Catarina in April 2023The competition will be officially broadcasted by news log, covered with ND . group. It was officially acknowledged on Monday (13th), at an event at Itajai Marina.

Record News will be the official broadcaster for the Ocean Race in Brazil – Photo: Ian Sell / ND

President news logReinaldo Gili, considers it a historic day for Itajai. “We are signing this partnership so that Record News will be the official broadcast of the upcoming competition. In addition to the regatta, the entire structure that includes this major competition must be conveyed to spectators, with full coverage here in Itajai,” he says.

Geely still considers ocean racing as the “Formula 1” of marine competitions. Preparations for the reception of the race should begin months before the official cessation of competition in Santa Catarina. For my generation, the Ocean Race should showcase not only Itajai, but Santa Catarina to the entire world.

Record News, President Reinaldo Gili considers it a historic day – # 8211;  Photo: Ian Seal/NDRecord News President Reynaldo Gilli considers it a historic day – Photo: Ian Seal/ND

“This partnership will integrate all ND Group vehicles, Record News and also the R7 portal, to popularize this wonderful event representing Formula 1 of the sea,” said NDTV Itajaí’s Regional Director, Christian Vesely.

According to Grupo ND’s Director of Content, Louis Menghem, viewers can expect extensive and worldwide coverage of the event.

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“Given the importance of the Ocean Race, we will have multi-platform coverage. All ND Group vehicles will participate, TV, print newspapers, portal and social networks. It will be the largest coverage of this event ever,” he guarantees.

“Itajaí gives us the opportunity to go into another level of the project at the national level. It is one of the most different things we have done so far. I am sure we will face an enormous challenge. From the beginning, when we went to look for President Gilly, he was open to talking easily, and we held Two or three meetings and we decided very quickly”, explains Grupo ND Group Commercial Director, Gilberto Kleinoping.

For Itajaí’s Municipal Secretary for Tourism and Events, Evandro Neiva, making Itajaí official as the only Brazilian stop on the Regatta is a very special moment.

“It is a great honor and responsibility. We have to expand our partnerships and continue to explore and strengthen the region, our country and all of Brazil in this partnership. We want the Ocean Race to go further in this national scenario,” he says.

Amfri (the association of municipalities in the Foz do Rio Itajai region) also participated in the competition to choose the city that would host the regatta. The Neva stated that without the League, it would not be possible to receive the Ocean Race.

This will be the fourth time that Itajaí has ​​received competitors from The Ocean Race. The competition sailors He finishes his first stage in the city of Santa Catarina, the only stop for the race in Brazil.

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“This fourth edition of the Ocean Race will add to the dimension of the event, which is why this partnership is so important,” said Mayor of Itajaí, Volnei Morastoni (MDB). “It’s an event for the whole of Brazil,” he points out.

This early setting shows the scale of this event. It needs to be prepared years in advance because it really is Formula 1 for our seas, says Julia Zanata, Embratur Coordinator for Southern Brazil, it’s a great honor to be the only stopping point in the Southern Hemisphere.

the event

The Ocean Race will begin on January 15, 2023 in Alicante on the Mediterranean coast of Spain. In the first stage of the race, the two fleets will compete for about a week before reaching Cape Verde.

With the start of the first stage, fleets will be immersed in one of the biggest challenges in sailing and the toughest team race in the world of sport: more than 31,000 nautical miles around the planet.

From there, the race will continue to Cape Town, South Africa, before starting the longest stage in racing history: nearly 13,000 nautical miles across the Southern Ocean, passing through the three large cables (Cape of Good Hope, Cabo Lewin and Cabo de Hornos) before finishing in Itajaí.

The race will continue to Newport (Rhode Island – USA); Aarhus (Denmark); The Hague (Netherlands) and its Grand Finals in the Mediterranean will be held in Genoa (Italy) in the summer of 2023.

The dates for the stops at the various stages of the 14th edition of the race will be confirmed before the end of the year.