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We will build overwhelming military power, says Kim Jong Un's sister

We will build overwhelming military power, says Kim Jong Un's sister

Kim Yo Jong said the United States would be exposed to “greater danger” if it “continues” to “threaten North Korea's security.”

North Korea will continue to strengthen its military power, Kim Yo Jong said on Wednesday (April 24, 2024). She is deputy director of the Central Committee of the North Korean Workers' Party and a sister and one of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un's closest advisors.

We will continue to build an overwhelming and more powerful military force to protect our sovereignty, security and regional peace“, he was quoted as saying Korean Central News Agency, the official news agency of North Korea. “The United States must stop promoting the reckless courage of South Korea, its first-class servant“, he added.

Kim Yo Jong stated that the United States “They do not miss the opportunity to make stereotypical and exaggerated statements as bold as the criminal“According to her, the Americans,”Along with dolls in Japan and South Korea“They perform,”uninterruptedMilitary exercises against North Korea.

If the United States continues its moves to threaten North Korea's security, and flaunts its power by mobilizing its agents, the security of the United States and its allies will be exposed to greater danger.“, He said.

Kim Jong Un's sister stated that if the South Koreans and their allies “Attempt armed response“against North Korea”It will be eliminated immediately“.

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