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We tested a camera that prints photos from your cell phone

We tested a camera that prints photos from your cell phone

What's good about it?

Differentiated printing. It uses sublimation technology, which creates one color after another. The paper goes in and out five times (once for preparation, three for yellow, cyan, and red, and another for final lamination). This ensures a vivid and highly durable image (resists water, dust and finger touch). It doesn't need to be “shaken” like a Polaroid, because it comes out ready and dry. The Mini Shot 3 prints in a nice rectangular format (5.3cm x 8.6cm), while the Mini Shot 2 prints square images (7.6cm x 7.6cm).

LED screen. Although it is very small (1.77 inches), the screen is used to scan the image before printing – a possibility that other instant cameras do not offer. It also allows you to apply effects to the photo, such as filters and borders, or ignore it if you'd rather take another photo.

Photo: Marcela Duarte/UOL

Bluetooth printing. When you download the Kodak Photo app and pair your camera with your cell phone, it becomes a printer for any photos stored on it. Through the app, there are more editing possibilities, such as resizing, creating labels, and adding stickers and text. It works on Android and iPhone.

Good quality pictures. The camera sensor is 10MP, which is very satisfactory for an instant camera, which prints images with a certain retro feel. Naturally, a cell phone camera has a higher resolution, so photos printed via Bluetooth will be of higher quality.