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Wanessa Camargo talks about controversy with fans during show: ‘It’s OK’ |  Events

Wanessa Camargo talks about controversy with fans during show: ‘It’s OK’ | Events

Wanessa Camargo at a charity event Andy Santana/Brazil News

Wanessa Camargo spoke about the video that went viral after she got into an argument with someone who was on her show and mistreated her. The artist spoke to the press on Monday (17). The singer was one of the attractions of a live broadcast promoted by Patricia Boeta to raise funds for victims of the climate tragedy in Rio Grande do Sul, and the event will be broadcast live on Futura.

“Everything is fine, thank God. A video of a man who fingered him went viral, but it was not the first time. In some shows, unfortunately, several times in my career, it was rare, not often (that it happened),” he explained to Portal LeoDias.

She also recalled another moment when she was physically attacked by an audience member. “One time a guy threw gum in my hair. I was scared. Because I was jumping in the middle of the show, and the gum wouldn’t come out. I had to cut off part of my hair,” he said.


Wanessa was one of the attractions of the direct solidarity promoted by Patricia Boeta and sang with Beatriz Reis and Marcos Vinicius, both from BBB 24. “There were many donations, but the disaster, the tragedy was so great that it will take a long time.” So that we can build,” he said.

Marcos Vinicius, Ionessa and Beatriz Reis at a charity event – ​​Photography: Andy Santana/Brazilnews

She stressed that with the decrease in water, the scenario became different in the affected areas. “Many people are without a home, many people have nothing, at least they are no longer alone,” he commented. “If the population does not help as well, in addition to what the government has to do, it will take much longer.”

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