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“Chico Bento ea Goiabeira Maraviósa” gets its perfect first trailer with a showcase of the protagonist’s charisma;  Come and watch!

“Chico Bento ea Goiabeira Maraviósa” gets its perfect first trailer with a showcase of the protagonist’s charisma; Come and watch!

Reproduction / YouTube / Paris Films

On Monday (17), Paris Filmes released the teaser for the film “Chico Bento ea Goiabeira Maraviósa”, which will follow one of the adventures of the famous character played by Mauricio de Souza. The film will be released on January 9, 2025.

Directed by Fernando Fraiha, the film will show young hillbilly Chico Pinto (Isaac Amenduim) as he attempts to save Nhu Lao’s (Luis Lobianco) guava tree from the clutches of the evil Agripino (Augusto Madeira). The trailer begins with a rooster crowing. “Hi guys! Are you sitting? If you’re not there, “sit down” and we’ll tell you a “story.”“, says the protagonist.

After donning the famous straw hat, the character introduces himself and explains that the “story” takes place “in one of the best places in the world, Villa Barbinha.” “This is where all my friends are. If you want to know if this “story” has adventure? Yes, of course! Do people fall? Do you have an angry dog? He has it!“, warns Chico.

Does it have a happy ending?! Then you’ll have to watch to see“, provokes the people of the hills. The teaser also shows scenes from the character’s adventures, as well as the presence of Rosinha (Ana Julia Dias), his childhood sweetheart. No other details about the plot were revealed in the video. He watches:

“Chico Bento and the Maraviósa Goiabeira” also received a poster showing Isaac with a guava in his hand, sitting on one of the trunks of a guava tree. paying off:

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The film was recorded in six weeks, on recreated locations within four farms in Bragança Paulista and Itatiba, in the interior of São Paulo. This is Isaac’s first work as an actor, and he was impressed by his charisma and confidence. The 10-year-old has more than 3 million followers on Instagram, where he shows his daily life on the family farm in Cana Verde, a municipality in the state of Minas Gerais.

In addition to Isaac, Lobianco and Madeira, the production also stars Livia La Gato, Pedro Dantas, Ana Julia Dias, Lorena de Oliveira, Davey Okabe, Guilherme Tavares and Enzo Henrique. Biônica Filmes is producing the film in collaboration with Mauricio de Sousa Produções, Paris Entretenimento and Paramount Pictures. Distribution by Paris Films.

This is Chico Pinto’s first live-action film to hit theaters. The character was created in 1961, and was inspired by Mauricio’s great uncle. Chico first appeared as a supporting character in the Hiroshi and Zizenio comics, but ended up becoming the protagonist of other stories in that universe. The first special magazine was launched in August 1982.