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Voice transcription on Android

Voice transcription on Android

Hey WhatsApp It is always evolving, offering new features and improvements to the user experience. One of the latest innovations in development is transcribing voice messages directly into the application for Android devices.

This function has been available to iOS users since last year, but now it may be about to arrive in the competing operating system.

WhatsApp is preparing to transcribe audio on Android

TheSpAndroid found evidence in the WhatsApp Beta code indicating the development of this feature.

According to the information found, the messenger will use the device's speech recognition mechanism to convert audio into text, allowing users to view the transcription before playing it, following the same standard already adopted in the iOS version.

How the feature will work

Transcribe audio on WhatsApp Android Additional space on the device, approximately 150 MB of data, may be required to activate the function. Although this request is not very high, it can be a challenge for older devices or those with limited memory.

Benefits of transcription

The introduction of this feature would represent a significant improvement in the user experience, and simplify the process of understanding voice messages.

While competing platforms like Telegram and Slack already offer similar features, WhatsApp still relies on third-party platforms for this functionality, which could be a problem for many users.

Availability and future

Although the feature is in the development stage and does not have a release date yet, its arrival in WhatsApp stable will depend on the results of testing in the beta version.

Furthermore, there is no guarantee that the transcription will be available in all languages, as the iOS version does not support Portuguese yet.

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Voice transcription on WhatsApp for Android could revolutionize the way users interact with the app, providing an original solution to the frequent request.

Although it is still in the development and testing phase, this News It promises to improve the practicality and accessibility of voice messages, providing a more complete experience for users of the popular instant messaging app.

This article contains information from TheSpAndroid