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Voice message evaporating?  WhatsApp brings an amazing feature

Voice message evaporating? WhatsApp brings an amazing feature

Hey WhatsAppknown globally as one of the major messaging apps, has just launched an innovative feature that could change the way we communicate: Individual playback voice messages.

Launched on Thursday (7), the feature allows users to send audio recordings that the recipient can only hear once. The function will gradually become available to all users in the following days.

This innovation follows a trend Privacy adopted by WhatsApp, similar to those already in place for photos and videos since 2021. Through single viewing, sender privacy is enhanced, as sent content cannot be shared or resent in the app.

How to send single play audios

The process of sending audio using this feature is simple and intuitive. When recording a voice message, the user will see a single display icon (indicated by the number 1) next to the recording indicator and the send button. In order for the message to be sent in this way, you must select this code each time you want to use this function.

These single-view voice messages, like all other forms of communication on WhatsApp, are protected by the app's end-to-end encryption.

This level of security ensures that only the approved sender and recipient can access the content, providing an additional layer of privacy in your conversations.

Why use individual voice messages?

This new WhatsApp feature is suitable for sharing sensitive or temporary information where the sender would prefer not to be able to access the recording after listening to it for the first time. Hence it becomes a very useful and secure tool for private conversations where confidentiality is of utmost importance.

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