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Vitor Pereira cites surveys conducted in Spain and recalls his time at Flamengo: “I competed for titles without training” |  Spanish football

Vitor Pereira cites surveys conducted in Spain and recalls his time at Flamengo: “I competed for titles without training” | Spanish football

Still without taking charge of a new team since his departure from Flamengo in April, coach Vitor Pereira gave an interview to the newspaper “Marca”, in which he spoke about his past in Brazilian football, but also about the moment of pause in his career. The Portuguese admitted to surveys conducted by Spanish football, after being linked to Almeria and Sevilla in recent months.

– Yes, I think this will happen one day (working in Spain). There have been some opportunities recently, but they haven’t happened. Sooner or later this will happen because I have a lot of sympathy for the individual and tactical quality in La Liga. “I think it’s an environment I’ll adapt to relatively easily,” Vietor said.

Vitor Pereira played for Flamengo at the beginning of the year – Image: Getty Images

The former Corinthians and Flamengo coach explained that one of his frustrations is not working in one of Europe’s top five leagues, admitting that he “doesn’t have the patience to wait for the right opportunity to arrive.” When he recalled his time at Flamengo, he spoke of the frustration resulting from falling in the semi-finals of the Club World Cup and being unable to face Real Madrid.

The goal was to play against Real Madrid, but that was not possible. I arrived at Flamengo and started competing for titles without training. In two months we were competing for four titles. In Brazil, the big problem is that the flights are very long, the temperature differences are large, and there are many competitions. And you have little time to train. This is what I need to implement my style of play. At Flamingo I didn’t have time. At Corinthians, on the other hand, I think we did a great job – he made the assessment.

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Symbolic defeats: Remember Vitor Pereira’s career with Flamengo

As in previous interviews, the coach confirmed after leaving Brazil that there were no “projects” in the country, citing several difficulties in working in local football.

– Brazil has good local coaches, but they try to adapt the tactical processes of European training to the amazing technical quality of the local footballer. Moreover, in the case of Portuguese coaches, it is useful for the language to be the same. The bad thing is that there are no projects in Brazil. You live waiting for what will happen in the next match.

Vitor Pereira also answered a question from the Spanish newspaper about two players who will head to the country in the coming years: Vitor Roque, who is heading to Barcelona, ​​and Andrik, who will go to Real Madrid. The Portuguese stated that he sees the Atletico PR striker as more tactically prepared, but they both need to improve in that aspect as they will arrive “a little wild” from Brazil.

– They are both special players, but they need time. They need to work tactically because they come from Brazil and they are a bit ‘wild’, if you know what I mean. They have the technical quality and speed, which makes them different. They are good players, but playing in Brazil is one thing and playing in Europe is another.