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Virada Cultural Begins With "out, Bolsonaro" and "Olê, Lula" - 05/28/2022 - Illustrations

Virada Cultural Begins With “out, Bolsonaro” and “Olê, Lula” – 05/28/2022 – Illustrations

The cultural shift has begun Today, Saturday, noon with some empty stages and political demonstrations against the government of President Jair Bolsonaro from Hizb ut-Tahrir.

Traditionally, viradas are the scene of protestswhich emerged in a year of polarized presidential elections like this, between Bolsonaro and Lula, of the Workers’ Party. Artists and audiences also mentioned the Covid-19 pandemic and vaccination in the country, topics at the center of political debate due to the denial stance of the plateau.

On the Parada Inglesa stage, in northern São Paulo, for example, singer Ana Canas spoke out for SUS, the unified health system, and the flag, saying “Long live the earth, it ain’t round.”

When singing “Alucinação”, by Belchior, the audience also spoke out against Bolsonaro and in favor of Lula. Speaking to the audience, Anna Canas asked, “We know how to vote and change this harsh reality we live in.” The audience responded by chanting, “Hello, welcome to Lula.”

On the stage of the Campo Limpo theater, in the southern region, in the interval between the performances of Vitau and Xande de Pilares, the audience shouted “Come out, Bolsonaro” and “Bolsonaro, you have ended my life.”

At Praça das Artes, in the central area of ​​the city, rapper Don L said this would be “Virada da Vacina”. At the end of the song “Éldwood”, the rapper asked the audience to make an “L” with his hand, referring to his name, but a gesture that could also be understood as a reference to Lola, then declared “Sure,” if we didn’t have a genocidal head, it would have been We have a lot of people with us.”

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Halfway through the show, Paulo Gallo, leader of the Deliveradores Antifascistas group, took the stage. Next to him, Don El displayed the phrase “Stop strangling us” on the buildings adjacent to the podium, in reference to Ginvaldo de Jesus Santos, who had died He suffocated after FBI agents locked him in a car in Sergipe.

In northern São Paulo, before the start of the last song of the presentation, singers Romero Ferro, Pixarti and Dorales requested “Out, Bolsonaro” and sang “Tolerância Zero”.

The singers said that in this election year it is necessary to vote with conscience. Part of the audience responded to the demonstration with applause.

However, Virada’s debut had a softer tone, with few public performances. Even the most famous and famous names in music failed to attract many people at the event’s premieres.

Maestro Joao Carlos Martins was 28 minutes late and with a small audience on stage at Freguesia do Ó, of Virada Cultural, kicked off performances for the first post-pandemic version of Virada. He performed alongside the Vai-Vai samba school, which arrived shortly thereafter.

Songs such as “Maluco Beleza” by Raul Seixas and “Codinome Beija-flor” by Kazuza revived audiences who sang hit songs to the sound of the orchestra led by Martins.

Shortly before, the mayor, Ricardo Nunes, of MDB, and the city’s culture minister, Allen Torres, made a statement.

“The ocean belongs to everyone,” Torres said, referring to Ferrada’s decentralization. This year, blew up downtown Sao Paulo, which has been for weeks Violent operations in the outskirts of KrakolandiaIt would have only modest attractions – but neither the secretary nor the mayor has linked that to choice.

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“We hope to make a historic cultural turn. On Monday, anyone between the ages of 12 and 17 can get their third dose of the vaccine. [contra a Covid-19]. “

In addition to the mayor and secretary, the director of Sesc São Paulo, Danilo Santos de Miranda, also spoke into the microphone and promised to launch two more units of the institution soon, one in Casa Verde and the other in Pirituba.

Rapper MV Bill, in his first show since the beginning of the pandemic, performed to a small audience at the Centro de Formação Cultural Cidade Tiradentes, east of São Paulo, along with his sister, fellow rapper Kamilla CDD.

He noted the inspiration of the group of doctors that formed in the eastern side of São Paulo, and praised his happiness with his performance in the region. “When I knew I was going to be on stage on the East Side, it was so much fun,” he says.

MV Bill also drew a relatively small audience to the stage at the Cidade Tiradentes Cultural Training Center, on the east side of the capital. During the track “Respeito É pra Quem Tem”, he led a choir against the federal government. “It is up to the people of Brasilia to listen.”

In the sequence, the rapper stated that there is no need to mention or insult any politician’s name. “Everyone who follows our music knows what we think,” he said.