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Maringaense que vive nos Estados Unidos faz tatuagem da Catedral:

Maringa, who lives in the United States, gets a cathedral tattoo: “It symbolizes where I come from”

Giovanna Baristo de Abreu, 22, lives in the United States and got a tattoo in honor of the Maringa Cathedral. Photo: personal archive

Boca Raton, located in southeast Florida in the United States, became home to Giovanna Barisotto de Abreu, 22, of Maringa, about three years ago. But the longing for Song City never disappeared. That is why the young woman, who left the country to study English, decided to draw a tattoo of the Maringa Cathedral on her arm.

The award took place in March of this year. The person in charge of the design was the tattoo artist Esther Eller, who is also Brazilian and lives in the United States.

“I decided to do [a tatuagem] Because it symbolizes my hometown, it symbolizes where I come from, where I grew up, and where I lived 19 years of my life. I am catholic and my church has always been the cathedral, I did my catechism there and go there every Sunday with my family. I also went with friends to enjoy a sunny day. (…) This tattoo reminds me of what I felt at home, and how I felt when I met people… They are very beautiful memories, “says Giovanna in detail. GMC Online.

According to the young woman, some Brazilians have already recognized Maringa Cathedral in tattoos. “Many Brazilians who live here, especially those who come from the south of the country, know the city of Maringa, including the cathedral. It is the best symbol I could have made, for me the cathedral is the soul of the city”, he confirms.

“I love Maringa and miss the city, but the chances I have here are very good,” adds the young woman.

Giovanna Parisotto de Abreu got a tattoo in honor of the Maringa Cathedral in March of this year. Photo: personal archive

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