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Graciele Lacerda shows off an intimate tattoo made for Zezé Di Camargo

Graciele Lacerda shows off an intimate tattoo made for Zezé Di Camargo

Graciel Lacerda Mark your love for Zizi de Camargo in the skin! In a conversation with some followers on Instagram, the influencer was asked if the citizen was the only one who would have gotten a tattoo in her honor. That’s when he revealed a special sketch made in 2014!

(Photo: online reproduction)

In her Instagram stories, she revealed that she also scrawled her body with the initials near her crotch, with a red heart.

The follower replied, “I got this tattoo of him seven years ago, with our initials.”

Zezé Di Camargo denies partnership with Eduardo Costa

If you have hope that sertanejos Zizi de Camargo e Eduardo Costa Working together, it is best to be patient as this is not going to happen any time soon. In early June brother Luciano He posted a post on his Instagram explaining that he has no time for new projects at the moment.

I would love to do a project with Eduardo Costa. Professionally it would be great, but now I’m pretty involved with my stuff. I make a CD and DVD myself, called “Zezé Di Camargo Acústico”, on the farm. “There are already many songs,” said the musician.

According to rumors circulating on the Internet, Zezé and Eduardo Costa will make a new project to “compete” with “nightclub“, The partnership that existed between Costa and singer LeonardoBut that ended after the artists separated.

In any case, even if there is a possibility, Zezé Di Camargo’s time is up. “I am doing a web series with my brother. We have already done many recordings, with a lot of artists. It will be released by the end of the year to celebrate the duo’s 30th anniversary,” he revealed.

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“I am also doing a mini-series with my daughter, called ‘Pai e Filha’, which I am recording on the farm, and I am recording it here in São Paulo. It would be impossible to think of any other projects at this point. I don’t have time for that,” he concluded.

However, Zizi di Camargo also insisted on it Deny any kind of trouble with Eduardo Costa. In fact, the musician explained that the two are great friends and the only reason this collaboration hasn’t come out yet is because of time constraints.

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