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Video: Viih Tube changes its appearance and raises eyebrows on social media

Video: Viih Tube changes its appearance and raises eyebrows on social media

In her new business version and leadership of her career, Vieh tube She decided to change her look, drawing sighs on social media, including from her husband Eli, and the video of the transformation result, published on Thursday (8/2), received more than 7.6 thousand comments and 330 thousand reactions in just over 7.6 thousand Comment and 330 thousand interactions. from hour.

“New woman! The blonde is back. Oh, how freeing this cutie is,” she celebrated in the caption. “Hot girl running through my food,” the husband wrote in the drooling post.

Friends of the famous influencer also spoke about the change: “How cute!!!! I loved it!!!”, praised Flavia Viana. “Excellent 😍😍,” Gabe Martinez announced. “How wonderful my friend,” Evelyn Wrigley wrote.

Viih Tube fans reacted: “The problem is that you look pretty anyway, Viih. It was great and very practical. I wish I had the courage 😍,” one wrote. “You managed to be even cuter! I was looking forward to this video! 😍😍😍,” another commented. “I wasn't even ready. It was perfect ❤️❤️❤️❤️,” posted a third. “All hair suits you ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️,” another confirmed.

Ellie has changed too

Eliezer told his followers that he changed his appearance last month, but he did not show his appearance immediately. However, the former BBB shared Viih Tube's reaction when he saw it for the first time after the changes.

“Guys, if it looks really nice, I'll have to take it off [do ar nas redes]. “I'm jealous,” the YouTuber joked before seeing her husband.

Soon after, she saw Eliezer's face and was shocked by his new appearance: “Guys…” she said, before taking off her shoes to step on the fabric used in the influencer's photo shoot.

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“Love, it is unrecognizable,” added Viih Tube. Ellie quickly said jokingly, “Honey, today,” and she responded in the affirmative, still surprised.

The businesswoman turned to Eliezer and commented on how different he was: “I am afraid of kissing you and cheating, I swear to God. To say it's not you. “I swear to God I'm afraid to kiss you and not be you,” the former BBB member said.

Visual detection

Eliezer changed his appearance and gave spoilers on what his followers can expect after the Viih Tube scare show. This time, the former BBB member posted the full video of his makeover and explained that he thought his face was “too messed up.” He turned 34 soon after.

“I surprised Vieh. I arrived with her at the office, closed the door and inside I changed my appearance (without her knowledge) and then I called her to see,” the boy offered.

Then, he recalled how much he has changed in 2023: “This week I turn 34 and everyone knows how much I have changed in the past year. I know that many people associate me with aesthetic changes and the truth is that behind every change there is a change in behavior, thinking and posture.

He explained that he decided to change his appearance so that he would not be a “mess” anymore. “Over a year ago, I understood my role much more as a man, as a husband, as an influencer, as a citizen and as a father, and I had had a big messy hairstyle since I was 20, so I had actually looked at myself in photos and videos, and decided, 'I'm not in this anymore.'” Chaos no more, it's over.

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