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Fernanda takes revenge on Alan at a party, leaving her rival in shock

Fernanda takes revenge on Alan at a party, leaving her rival in shock

This Wednesday (07), during the leader's ceremony, Fernanda She showed all her sensitivity in a stunning display in the best style Moulin Rouge.

Your competitor nowwho was wearing a red wig at the party, was left open-mouthed by the leader's presentation. “how beautiful he is.” In celebration, Fernanda Until the climate of hostility eased he stated several times that Member Fairy set She looked beautiful with her looks.


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More about sincerelast Monday (05), Fernanda Dawn is an exaggeration now In his fight with her in the gym. “I raised my leg in pure mockery, but not in relation to your story with the leg. It was an insult, I agree with that and I am not proud of it. […]”I started.

“I really lost control, I'm so ashamed because I'm at least 10 years older than you and I lost control of a girl who likes to turn everything on to you, wants to be the center of attention. This point hit you like a wound and that wasn't the intention. I think you're approaching all situations. I Also, I realize my mistake, but I won’t lie to you because you made a scene.” Shoot the leader.

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