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Vasco x Agua Santa: The match ended in confusion and fighting after Lucas Biton's goal Vasco

Defender Joao Victor and striker Nilton were sent off for a challenge in the final half of the match held in Sao Januario, on Thursday, in the second stage of the Brazilian Cup. After Lucas Bitton's goal, which tied the match between them Vasco And Agua Santa Fe 3 to 3, there was a general fight on the bench (See video of the confusion below.) The Rio team qualified on penalties, winning 4-1.

Widespread confusion began immediately after Vasco's equalizer against Agua Santa; look

During the confusion, João Victor was detained by Emiliano Diaz, Vasco's technical assistant. The defender tried to head towards Nilton – and the two argued extensively. But that was not the case. There was a disagreement between the other players and committee members from the two teams. Pero, one of Vasco's locker men, attacked one of the Agua Santa players, showing a leg injury.

Peru, Vasco's clothing man, complains about the aggressiveness of the Agua Santa player – Photo: Reproduction

The match was very tense. 17 yellow cards and three red cards were issued within 90 minutes. In addition to Joao Victor and Nilton, Igor Henrique was sent off after a foul by Payet.

Emiliano Diaz trying to catch João Victor – Photography: Andre Durau

Vasco is now waiting for his opponent in the next stage. A tie will determine the competitor in the third stage of the competition.

Watch all about Vasco on ge, Globo and SporTV:

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