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Valve ensures that casual game modes are ‘not forgotten’ in CS2|  Draft5

Valve ensures that casual game modes are ‘not forgotten’ in CS2| Draft5

In a recent interview with Al Bawaba computer gamesThe Counter-Strike 2 development team spoke about the lack of more casual game modes in the new version of the game:

These modes have not been forgotten! We have plans to reintroduce popular game modes and explore new ones. However, all game modes, regardless of rules, are primarily based on solid gameplay“Valve explained.

However, the developer stated that for now, efforts are focused on the competition: “in a short time, We’ve focused our efforts where players invest the most time.

Valve ensures it hasn’t forgotten the casual game modes Image: Reproduction/HyperX Games

We realize that it is frustrating for players who enjoyed the other game modes, But believe me, this is the best formula for CS2’s long-term success“, he added.

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It is interesting to note that among the major complaints from the community amid the hasty launch of Counter Strike 2 There was an absence of traditional FPS game modes.

Armed race, Demolition that it region Of danger These are just some of the modes that have not yet appeared in the new version of the game, in addition to the distinctive maps for these modes, such as Luggage, Shoots And more.

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