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NH newspaper on WhatsApp: Learn how to receive news on the newspaper’s exclusive channel directly on your cell phone – Novo Hamburgo

NH newspaper on WhatsApp: Learn how to receive news on the newspaper’s exclusive channel directly on your cell phone – Novo Hamburgo

Journal NH has another format for distributing content via WhatsApp, the most used messaging app by Brazilians. In addition to the two sects – which number about 3,000 people – Journal NH also has an exclusive news channel on WhatsApp. Click here to be a part! If you are reading this content on your computer, skip to the end and point your smartphone camera at the QR Code that will appear on your screen.

Jornal NH WhatsApp channel: Find out how to be part
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Jornal NH channel is now available to users, Just click here If in doubt, follow the steps detailed below. Access is unrestricted and free. The one-way messaging tool was launched in Brazil a month ago by Meta.

The company, which owns WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram, ensures that the news channels in the messaging app are not subjected to any kind of algorithmic interference or recommendation based on usage history. any: Everything published on the newspaper channel can be viewed – and shared – by all subscribers. They can also interact with the content using emojis.

The channel is managed by the editorial team at Journal NH, It distributes links to the main topics of the day, as well as text, images, videos, audio recordings, and even polls. “It is another practical way for the public to access the digital content of Grupo Sinos newspapers and ABC Radio 103.3 FM and stay well informed,” highlights Managing Editor, Igor Müller.

The WhatsApp channel guarantees user privacy

Meta considers user privacy one of the most prominent features of its channels, a service that exists in other countries around the world. For this reason, the admin cannot access the phone number and photo of the person subscribed to the channel. Users are also unable to see which channels each person in their contact list follows.

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NH Journal channel on WhatsApp It arrives at a time of successive growth in the digital audience of Grupo Sinos vehicles. Between June and September, the company doubled its audience indicators, which continue to rise. This month, Jornal NH received the Silver Shield from YouTube for surpassing 100,000 subscribers.

And pay attention!

If the channel service is not available on your WhatsApp, we recommend updating the app. The function is being enabled gradually, according to Meta. It is also important to activate channel notifications, so that you are notified when new news is posted.

How to join Jornal NH channel on WhatsApp

  • On Android smartphones, channels are in the Updates tab, at the top of the screen, between the Chats and Calls tabs. On iOS smartphones, channels are in the Updates tab, at the bottom of the screen, next to the Calls tab.
  • On both Android and iOS, after accessing the Jornal NH channel, simply tap “Follow” on the button that appears in the upper right corner of the screen and that’s it! Also in the upper right corner, activate the bell to receive notifications. It’s important because channels don’t appear on the same screen as your conversations.
  • If you’re reading this on your computer, point your smartphone camera at the QRCode that appears below the video in this report. It gives direct access to the Jornal NH channel on WhatsApp.

Access the Journal NH channel on WhatsApp |  NH newspaper

Access the Jornal NH channel on WhatsApp
Photo: NH Journal