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Vaccine: AstraZeneca or Pfizer 1 dose halves Govt.

Vaccine: AstraZeneca or Pfizer 1 dose halves Govt.

The most effective vaccine in the world is from the United Kingdom. Through the NHS (National Health Service), The country was able to vaccinate more than half of the adult population It plans to reap the rewards of speed and fight the epidemic.

The country equips itself with data to show the effectiveness of vaccines in large schools. That is the new message of the British government Astrogenogen and Pfizer vaccines stop the spread The virus is also transmitted from person to person after infection.

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UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson receives his vaccine via the NHS, British SUS

The data came from Public Health UK, the state-owned public health agency on the Queen’s land. In summary, the study found that 38% to 49% of people vaccinated with a single dose of the disease-fighting immunosuppressants Pfizer-Bioendech and Oxford-Astrogeneca had a lower risk of transmitting the virus to others. This means that vaccinated people reduce the spread of the disease.

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Unfortunately, the data are about these two vaccines. It is not yet known how Coronavac works; The vaccine has not been used in the UK. The vaccine developed by Sinovac is present in more than 80% of vaccines distributed in Brazil, but there are only data confirming the ability to protect against Covit-19 after the administration of the second dose.

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“Vaccines are very important for a return to normal life. We now see that vaccines not only reduce the severity of the disease, but also prevent hundreds of deaths each day, and have an additional impact on reducing the chance of transmitting Covid-19 to others.” Mary Ramsay, head of immunization at Public Health UK, tells the BBC.

The average death toll in the UK is currently 22 deaths a day. In Brazil, the average daily mortality rate is 2389.