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Using Gripen technology, FAB wants to create the fighter of the future in Brazil

Using Gripen technology, FAB wants to create the fighter of the future in Brazil

A sixth-generation supersonic fighter is on the radar of the FAB (Brazilian Air Force) for Brazil’s future, a project that should be developed in partnership with Embraer, as happened with the C-390 Millennium (KC-390) multi-role cargo aircraft. ), which became a commercial success around the world.

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FAB’s goal is to use the technology learned in the production of the Gripen fighter and develop a national aircraft, even more modern than the jet from the Swedish company Saab.

To this end, the technology transfer agreement signed by the Brazilian government with Saab is essential to enable Brazilian professionals to achieve a technological leap in the sector of supersonic offensive and defensive fighters.

“We have transportation projects that address more advanced technologies for developing advanced aircraft,” said Luiz Hernandez, Director of Industrial Cooperation at Saab Brasil.

the valley Last Wednesday (5) he participated in a visit to the facilities of Embraer and Saab in the city of Gavião Peixoto, within the city of São Paulo. Gripen aircraft production lines and the Brazilian manufacturer’s aircraft, such as the C-390 Millennium, were installed there.

San Jose is in the center

Hernandez explained that the fighter of the future is a project that should be based in São José dos Campos, due to the possibility of a partnership between Embraer and DCTA (Department of Aerospace Science and Technology) – both of which are based in Vale. Do Paraiba.

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The new fighter will be developed based on learnings from technology transfer and Gripen production in Brazil. This is a project of the future and will require technological advances.

“Some technologies are essential to start work on a new aircraft to be produced in Brazil, based on Gripen technologies. The FAB aims to have its own fighter aircraft in the future,” Hernandez said.